Documentation: What information are You Requesting from Vendors and Payees and Why You Should Care




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Presenter: Carol Kassem, Regulatory Expert

When you open a new account or establish a relationship with a new vendor, or payee, are you requesting any documentation? When it comes to the IRS, documentation can be complex and confusing. Which forms are important? What happens if I don’t request the required information? The information that you request has never been more important than it is today, meaning that without the appropriate documentation, your organization cannot accurately report information to recipients and to the IRS. Soliciting and maintaining the appropriate documentation relative to information reporting is critical to being compliant and avoiding potential penalties.

Documentation that you solicit is the basis for any reporting that you may be required to perform.  If this information is missing or incorrect, your organization may be facing significant penalties for filing incorrect information returns at year end as well as failing to withhold from certain payments.  Plan to attend this session to hear a discussion that includes the following:

  • How to determine the appropriate IRS form that a payee or vendor must complete
  • When to solicit documentation
  • Form W-9 – what information does this form require
  • Forms W-8 series – what has changed
  • What is FATCA and should I care
  • When do certain forms expire
  • A closer look at Forms W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E
  • When to request supporting documentation
  • What kinds of documentation can you accept
  • The use of substitute forms
  • Incorporating IRS forms into other documents
  • Electronic documentation – when is a fax or email acceptable
  • Documentation and withholding – when is withholding required
  • Documentation that is acceptable in lieu of the IRS forms
  • … and more

Don’t let your organization be vulnerable under an IRS review or audit because you failed to solicit the appropriate documentation. Get the facts now to ensure that your organization is compliant and not facing potential penalties.

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