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Presenter: Carol Kassem, Regulatory Expert

If your manager just put you in charge of information reporting and you are not sure where to start, download this discussion and learn as we walk through the entire information reporting process and what you need to be doing to be successful and compliant. This responsibility can be daunting if you do not know the rules and requirements for this process. This session can give you the high-level understanding of the process that you need to be comfortable and confident that you are meeting IRS reporting requirements.

If you are new to information reporting, this session is for you! Join us to learn about and understand the information reporting process and what you need to be doing year- round to be compliant.

In this session we discuss:

  • Documentation – what IRS forms must you solicit when you open an account
  • What is a reportable payment
  • Exempt payees
  • Payments to foreign persons (nonresident aliens)
  • What is backup withholding and when is it required
  • Annual solicitations
  • Which forms to file at year end
  • Sending out recipient statements
  • Filing information returns with the IRS
  • B Notices: What are these and should I be concerned?
  • Penalties: When will the IRS assess these charges?

This webcast will give you the broad understanding of information reporting that you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your organization is compliant. Download this important session so that you are ready to address the issues and minimize future penalties for your organization.

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